The Last Views

After the 1996 season, Cross and Sword went into hiatus, but the amphitheatre remained active with the St. Augustine Passion Play, the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival, a number of concerts, Conquest & Colonization, Earth Day Festivals, productions by the Atlantic Shakespeare Festival in the summer and again in a winter season, and the commencement of the Old City Farmer's Market. These photos were taken in 1998 at the height of that post-Cross and Sword period.


From up stage center
From the "rainshelter" at the back of the house


Demolition of the stage was on January 12, 2000. The old boards were too weak and too expensive to fix and with more than 20 levels, the stage was a challenge for every show or concert. Until renovations of the amphitheatre could start, the flat concrete slab base on which the stage sat was the most practical and versatile use of the area with most events bringing in portable staging. (click on an image to enlarge)